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Seattle Lesbian Literature Meetup Book Club

Seattle Lesbian Literature Meetup is a long-running book club through Meet-up that reads books for/by/about queer women. Chat about books while meeting fellow queer ladies who like to read and socialize. You can jump in and join anytime!

Meeting Structure: The meetings are structured to discuss the books and get to know each other. We start with introductions, something we thought about the book (longer than a paragraph, shorter than a page), then we launch into discussion. We discuss the book and the issues discussed in the book for about an hour and a half. Then we end with our names again, last thoughts on the book and any activities/events/announcements people want to share with the group.

You are welcome to attend the meeting if you haven’t read the book or haven’t finished the book, especially if you’re trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you. We have on average about 20 women at every book club, often more, sometimes less.


MC Koop

8:15pm Line Dance Lesson
8:30pm-11:30pm Dance


3rd Friday of the Month


Line Dance Lesson: $15
Dance: $15 (FREE with Lesson)

No pre-registration necessary; just show up and pay cover!

Attendees must show proof of vaccination as of at least two weeks prior to the dance.
Masks are required when attending dances.

Evening parking meters rates are still cheap:  50¢/hr (as of 6/1/21)

OutDancing is one of the longest running nights for the LGBTQ social dance community in Seattle and certainly the largest floor to spin around on.

Owner Hallie Kuperman plays something for everyone:  Salsa, Swing, Country, Waltz, Tango, Disco, West Coast Swing, you name it – mixing in some “non-partner” dance music just to shake your booty to.

If you can’t make this event, either get on our email list or Facebook page or join Century Ballroom’s LGBTQ Social Dancers Facebook Group.