Jill Mullins


Board Position: President

Organizer Since: 2008

Jill is the most senior member of the Seattle Dyke March and serves as both the president and all around organizer. When not amplifying the incredible dykes in Seattle, Jill practices law, co-hosts Seattle Lesbian Literature Meet-up, writes a column for Real Change, and posts far too many photos to Instagram of her cat, Sonia.

Corey Perrien

SHE/HEr & they/them

Board Position: Member at Large

Organizer Since: 2010

Corey is a senior member of the organization and has served on the board for many years. She identifies as a middle aged, fat, black and gay woman maneuvering through a rigid society that aims to erase her identity and the communities she belongs to. As a result, Corey is involved with many social justice causes and lends her ear to many intersecting issues.

Ann Hoang


Board Position: Member at Large

Organizer Since: 2016

Ann is a queer Vietnamese feminist passionate about the intersection of social justice and technology. She is a software engineer at Fred Hutch and co-founder of OutX, a platform to help individuals find LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare and wellness providers. When not using her tech powers for good Ann enjoys searching for the next great doughnut in the PNW. Please send recommendations.

Angie Hu


Board Position: Vice President

Angie is the Vice President of the Seattle Dyke March Board, but supports the organization day-to-day as the Graphic Designer. She moved to Seattle recently searching for queer community, and has loved the people she’s found through SDM. In her downtime, Angie enjoys farmers markets, home cooking, and spending time with her two cats.

Nikki Riggin


Board Position: Secretary

Nikki is the Seattle Dyke March Communications Manager and serves as the Secretary for the Board. As a new Seattleite, she has enjoyed getting to know the community through Seattle Dyke March events and activities, and is happy to have a place where she can put her passions for art and advocacy to good use. When she’s not organizing with SDM, you can catch her at Rainbow City Orchestra concerts in the viola section!

Lisa Pan


Board Position: Treasurer

Lisa is the Social Media manager and Treasurer on the board. Outside of the Seattle Dyke March, you can find Lisa hanging with her 2 cats, taking walks, and sitting at a park with a book.

Natasha Alexander


Natasha does Email Marketing for Seattle Dyke March. They moved here a little over a year ago for a fresh start and queer community and are still enjoying every moment in the city. During her free time, you will find her cuddled up with her cat Ginger, checking out coffee shops, or headed out to hike the mountains or coast.

Chloƫ Spike Vigil


Chloƫ is a Seattle-based writer and the blog manager for the Seattle Dyke March. In their free time, they enjoy reading, hanging with pals, or watching TV with their cat. Their favorite animal is a rhino.

Lauren Wagner


Lauren is the website manager for the Seattle Dyke March. Outside of volunteering, she is an avid reader (catch them at the Lesbian Lit bookclub!), doting cat mom, coffee snob, and amateur baker.

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