Jill Mullins


Organizer Since: ~2008

Jill loves being a Dyke and the intersection of feminism, queerness, and commitment to fight for liberation of everyone that is embodied in the label. When not amplifying the incredible dykes in Seattle, hosting Seattle Dyke March speed dating, happy hours, and other ways to be in community together, Jill practices law, co-hosts Seattle Lesbian Literture Meet-up, writes a column for Real Change, and posts far too many photos to Instagram of her cat, Sonia.

What inspired you to get involved in the Seattle Dyke March? I was friend’s with Whitney Fraser, who had been organizing for years. I knew that the Dyke March needed organizing help. With the closure of the Lesbian Resource Center I was missing community and understood that that the Dyke March is an important part of preserving a culture for queer women (inclusively and expansively defined).

What is your favorite thing about the Seattle Dyke March?  It is far too hard to narrow it down to just one thing. The organizers are amazing people who enrich my life and bring so much talent to organizing. I love the speakers and performers and seeing people shine in their passions. And I just that moment in the march, when we turn down from 12th to Mercer towards Broadway and small hill allows you to see the sea of marchers. I love it!

What is your favorite spot in Seattle? Outdoors – Greenlake. Indoors – Century Ballroom with queer dance lessons and OutDancing.

Corey Perrien

She/Her & They/Them

Organizer Since: 2010

To be perfectly honest I am considered a social justice issue.  I live in a society that willfully thinks of me as imperfect, dishonest, defensive, a sinner, a leach but this is the truth of all of us.  Yes, I am a middle aged, fat, black, gay, women maneuvering through a society that either refuses to see me or sees me as less than them.   I do not have the luxury of having to choose only one social justice issue I fight. I will lend my ear to issues that are brought to me and if I am not able to extend my immediate energy to it it will always be in the back of my mind and when I do have energy to give to it, I will.

When was you first Seattle Dyke March? June 2011
What inspired you to get involved in the Seattle Dyke March?
1) you don’t have to be considered a dyke to be actively involved; 2) they champion women’s issues, challenges; 3) they search for knowledge and truth; 4) take on challenges, inspire change and expansion of freedom of those who are oppressed. 
What is you favorite way to stay involved in the LGBTQ+ community?
Football (American and Euro versions) , softball, basketball, DANCING!!!

Ann Hoang


Organizer Since: 2016

Ann is a queer Vietnamese feminist passionate about the intersection of social justice and technology. She is a software engineer at Fred Hutch and co-founder of OutX, a platform to help individuals find LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare and wellness providers. When not using her tech powers for good Ann enjoys searching for the next great doughnut in the PNW. Please send recommendations.

What is your favorite thing about the Seattle Dyke March? Getting to meet, elevate and embrace the beautiful souls that make up our community.

Who was your first lesbian crush? Jo Polniaczek from “The Facts of Life”!

What is your favorite spot in Seattle? Any street corner on a cold rainy night, waiting patiently for the Walk signal so I can cross the street.

Want to be get involved with the dyke march?