The Seattle Dyke March recognizes Juneteenth, a holiday that in many ways demonstrates the difficulty of the fight against one of our nation’s original sins: the enslavement of human beings. Juneteenth marks a day two and a half years after slavery was supposed to have ended in confederate states — but didn’t end in Texas until June 19, 1865. The Thirteenth Amendment would officially end slavery (except in the case of incarceration) on December 6, 1865.

It is well past time we begin to celebrate the end of slavery. It is well past time we begin to honor the importance of ending the enslavement of human beings.

There has been so much systemic racism in our country and in particular Washington state, when founded as the Oregon Territory, excluded Black people from residing in its borders.

We know that Juneteenth as a holiday does not equate to Black liberation. We will keep pushing for reparations, voting rights, fair housing, health equity, and police reform.


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