Supporting Lesbian Community Businesses in Covid

When coming to a new city or Coming Out or getting out of a relationship, we often crave community spaces. Spaces where we may be able to meet other queer women (inclusively and expansively defined). Two places in Seattle have been significant sources of community for many a Seattle Dyke. We encourage you to support them so we can all go out and celebrate when we can safely enjoy being in the community again. 

Century Ballroom

The Century Ballroom is a long time Dyke March supporter. For years, we have done an OutDancing Fundraiser with them. OutDancing is a monthly queer social dancing night in Century Ballroom’s iconic space. Hallie and Allison have been creating space for queers to come to socialize through dancing since forever (check out this adorable video made in 2015 about Century Ballroom Swing Girls). In recent years, they have been able to sustain a Friday night queer dance lesson series that seemed to keep growing and building before the pandemic. 

Of course, in the pandemic, the Century cannot do all the dance classes and dance nights we love. However, this kind of community will be vital to our ability to recover and reconnect in the pandemic’s aftermath. 

There are two main ways to support the Century. The first is their GoFundMe Fundraiser – available at Another way to help them is by getting food from Tin Table. They’re keeping it interesting by changing up the menu and having special event menus for events like the inauguration and Valentine’s Day. 

The Wildrose Bar (a/k/a The Rose)

There is a special magic that can happen simply by having space just for us.  It’s hard to be a queer woman in Seattle and not have a story or a dozen about the Rose. Once upon a time, they had Spoken Word nights, and I got to feature and MC on different occasions. There were long-standing trivia and karaoke, and I learned some of my friends have excellent singing voices and range. Once upon a time, there were pool tables, and hanging out on a slow night with one of my BFFs and my queer twin, led my queer twin to a friendship that would go strong for more than a decade and open the door to the world of rugby. Pre-pandemic, my lesbian book club would occasionally end up on the dance floor on a Saturday evening, sardined in with a bunch of queer women. 

Who hasn’t spent part of Pride at the Wildrose? Reuniting with people you maybe only see once or twice a year, but once upon a time, you hung out all through a period in your 20s (or 30s, or… ). Sunday at Pride has long been a fundraiser, with the door cost donated towards various LGBTQ nonprofits. 

The Wildrose is open as much as it can be during the Covid Times. Their Facebook page seems to be the best place to get updated information. Taco Tuesday is still happening! Martha’s homemade chicken enchiladas are available every day. You can also make a donation via their GoFundMe page at 


If you know of other lesbian, bi, queer women (inclusively and expansively defined) businesses you’d like us to spotlight, let us know. 


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