Virtual Dyke March

Live stream scheduled for Saturday, June 27th at 7:00PM

2020 Line-Up

Dyke March Organizers For 26 years the Seattle Dyke March has created space to highlight and honor the experiences, pleasures, activism and identities of queer women and dyke-identified people across the gender spectrum.
Lamar Van Dyke  Lamar is an iconic part of our living lesbian herstory, Lamar regularly MC’s the Dyke March and will make you sing along to loving being a Dyke.
Jayden Aubryn

Dancer and Choreographer (they/them)

ACLU- Lisa Nowlin Lisa is a staff attorney with the ACLU. The ACLU has been involved in many important LGBTQ caess, including the recent victory before the Supreme Court affirming that Title VII covers the LGBTQ community..
LGBTQ Allyship – Eleta Wright Allyship builds power among LGBTQ communities and allies in Washington State to work towards economic, racial, and gender justice. Learn more about their work at
Bess Hepner Bess Hepner is a Seattle-based musician who has collaborated with hip-hop artists, circus performers, and folk singer-songwriters. Her genres include ​jazz, rawk, folk, soul, classical guitar, punk, etc. In addition to her solo project, Bess ​plays bass for ​Erika Lundahl​, guitar for vocalist​ ​Alina​ and for​ ​A Frayed Knot​ circus.
Radical Women – Gina Petry This trailblazing socialist feminist organization is the revolutionary wing of the women’s movement and a strong feminist voice within the Left. Learn more about their work at
Dark Castles Two queers unite to produce a brooding, atmospheric trap fantasy through their music.  This collaboration was born in turmoil and exists in triumph. Hear more of their work at
Queer the Land – Evana Enabulele Queer the Land is a collaborative project grounded in the self-determination of queer, trans, and two spirit Black/indigenous/people of color (QT2BIPOC) and the vision of collectively owning our land and labor. Learn more about their work at
Mattie Mooney Co-founder of Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network. Health Care Access Manager at Ingersoll Gender Center
Be Steadwell Be Steadwell is a musician, filmmaker, storyteller from Washington DC. In her live performances, she utilizes looping, vocal layering and beat boxing to compose her songs on stage. Be’s original music features earnest lyricism, and Affirming LGBTQ content.​ Be’s goal as a musician is to make other black girls, queers, introverts and generally marginalized weirdos feel seen and loved. Learn more about her work at

*If your name has changed, please let us know and we will update. 

The 2020 Dyke March will be a virtual march and rally at our regularly scheduled time, Saturday June 27, 2020.

May 2, 2020, Seattle, Washington

In an abundance of caution and with knowledge of how deeply we need each other, the Dyke March will go on. We are developing a plan to have a virtual Dyke March experience.

“Since 1994, the Seattle Dyke March has been providing a space to amplify the voices for Dykes, inclusively defined. COVID-19 requires us to pivot and find new and creative ways to do this and we’re excited for the challenge.” Jill Mullins, Seattle Dyke March Organizer.

In addition to the global pandemic, queer communities across the US are in a precarious situation. We have seen some of our gains begin to erode. We are bracing for two important Supreme Court decisions this summer, Zarda v Altitude Express and EEOC v. RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes,  which could make a significant difference in workplace discrimination. The decisions will either make it clear discrimination based on LGBTQ identity violates federal law or the decision will improperly determine LGBTQ people are excluded from Title VII’s nondiscrimination protections. Either way, we will need a place to celebrate or agitate – together.  

As an organization committed to intersectional feminism, we will highlight the way systemic inequality, sexism, racism, and a multitude of oppressions, result in the disproportionate trauma inflicted upon the parts of our community that have multiple marginalized identities. We will center the work of people fighting for those who are most at risk. We will center the talents and artistic expression of our entire community.

The Dyke March is requesting community members send photos and videos of prior Dyke Marches and Rallies to help us curate possibilities for this year’s Dyke March. To help shape the virtual Dyke March, complete our survey – If you have the capabilities, add the year the photo was taken to the photo or video. If you want, give yourself the photo credit, please add it to the photo. Photos may be sent to Together we are rising.